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Our Trip to Orlando – Day 3 – The Magic Kingdom

With our vacation more than halfway over, everyone is tired. It helps that we aren’t attempting to create a jam packed itinerary. After breakfast and a quick load of laundry in the morning, we were off to the Magic Kingdom. … Continue reading

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Our Trip to Orlando – Day 2 – EPCOT

After a decent night’s sleep, we were up early for breakfast downstairs, included with our stay at the Homewood Suites. We then spent an entire morning devoted to listening to the benefits of the Hilton Grand Vacation Club. By the … Continue reading

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Our Trip to Orlando – Day 1 – Universal Studios

The Ipes decided to go on our first family trip in about a year. We decided to take the whole family to Orlando to enjoy the good weather and hit up some theme parks. Our plan was to visit one of … Continue reading

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I don’t know what will happen during the blizzard this week, but our snow thrower is assembled and ready

Our snow thrower has been sitting in the original packing crate since early December, as I’ve had a busy two months. Also, the weather has been mild with a distinct lack of snow. No longer! This week, we’ve got a … Continue reading

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Joel’s review of The World’s End (2013)

HBO recently had The World’s End on, so I recorded it for viewing later when the kiddos would not be around. This is the fourth Simon Pegg and Nick Frost film that I’ve seen now. Let’s see, I’ve seen them in Shaun … Continue reading

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Good bye old STM medium cargo messenger bag. Hello new STM Velo 2 messenger bag.

I bought my STM cargo messenger bag back in 2010, and man, I used to get compliments for it. It was a nice bag. People would also ask me why I wouldn’t just use the free ones provided by our … Continue reading

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We bought ourselves a Chromecast and I gotta say it’s damn easy to use

After much thinking, I picked up a Chromecast from our local Target store this afternoon. We bought one recently for my brother-in-law, and then I started to think about it too. We have all of this video media available through … Continue reading

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Installed a new Legrand power receptacle with USB ports

In our kitchen, we are often charging our phones and tablets. Sadly, we’re often also buying new chargers, because Cat #1 Scamper likes to chew them into oblivion. Maybe he’s annoying. Maybe they’re delicious. I don’t know, but I’m always … Continue reading

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My reflections on the year that was 2014

Oh my God, what a year. Where do I begin? How do I describe the level of bizarreness? To capture the exhaustion? The agony? The joy? The relief? This was one year of complete extremes. We had some great times, and some … Continue reading

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My last day working for You-Know-Who and that’s all I want to say about it

Today, Friday, was my last day working for the Firm That Will Not Be Named, and Voldemort himself. I won’t say too much, and you know what? After 12 months of complaining, I’m done talking about it. The last two … Continue reading

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