Trivia About Me

Everyone loves trivia.  People buy desk calendars with trivia on them.  You can read about trivia in the newspaper.  You share trivia at parties.  They board games about various types of trivia – sports, movies, television, occult.  Now if there’s ever a trivia game based on my life, you’ll be prepared.

Joel Trivia Fact #2

“I’m horrible at math. I was still counting on my fingers under the desk in high school.”

Joel Trivia Fact#3

“My first memory growing up was going to the hospital with my Dad, aunt & uncle, and cousins to visit my Mom in the hospital after Julie was born.”

Joel Trivia Fact #4

“I’ve only had 4 girlfriends, because I only started dating during my freshman year in college. Yes, I was a late bloomer. My friendship with the 1st is the longest continuing friendship of my life (11 years and counting), and I married the 4th one. Best decision I ever made.”

Joel Trivia Fact #5

“I’ve suffered from eczema since I was a child. I also have asthma, and it’s thought that they’re related.

Joel Trivia Fact #8

“First movie I ever saw in a theater was Batman Returns.”

Joel Trivia Fact#9

“I think it’s safe to say that I’m a big Star Trek fan.”

Joel Trivia Fact#10

“Besides Star Trek (see #9), I’m a big fan of Star Wars.”

Joel Trivia Fact#14

“I was a seriously chubby kid growing up, and probably because my Mom was always encouraging me to eat. I’ve battled the bulge ever since.”

Joel Trivia Fact #19

“I need all the bills in my wallet arranged facing the same way and in denomination order at all times.”

Joel Trivia Fact #21

“I was born in the Bronx. I attended kindergarten @ P.S. 94, and attended 1st grade at St. Ann’s Catholic school in the Bronx too. In the middle of 1st grade, my family moved to Rockland county.”

Joel Trivia Fact #24

“Except for the occasional cup of tea, or hot chocolate in the winter, I like my beverages cold. Water? Ice cold.”

Joel Trivia Fact #25

“I only drink 2% milk.”

Joel Trivia Fact #26

“Growing up, I loved taking pictures, but my Dad was worried I’d break his nice Yashica SLR camera. So, he bought me my own camera in ’86. I was never the same again.”

Joel Trivia Fact #27

“Deep down, I feel that wherever I go, whatever I’m doing job-wise, the consultant part of me will always be there.”

Joel Trivia Fact #28

“I played the string bass for 8 years.”

Joel Trivia Fact #29

“When I’m driving, I can bend/warp the space-time continuum in order to arrive at my destination on time.”

Joel Trivia Fact #33

“I really enjoy listening/dancing to remixed Indian music. I’m barely Indian, so go figure.”

Joel Trivia Fact #38

“I suffer from severe arachnophobia & mild claustrophobia.”

Joel Trivia Fact #41

“One time, my parents took me to the local Ground Round restaurant for my birthday. I practically ate my weight in spare ribs. One of the nicest birthdays ever.”

Joel Trivia Fact #44

“I’ve worn glasses since the 2nd grade. They were big, brown, plastic ones.”

Joel Trivia Fact #52

“I have more obsessive-compulsive quirks than I like to admit.”

Joel Trivia Fact #53

“I didn’t know what it was back then, but I used to experience anxiety attacks in elementary and high school. You know, being late for school, etc. Hasn’t happened in the longest time, which is good.”

Joel Trivia Fact #56

“My friend Lee taught me how to write HTML back in 1996. It was a sad 3-page website with a big picture of a Klingon Bird-of-Prey on the front. What a dorkwad.”

Joel Trivia Fact #65

“I’m allergic to chocolate. I don’t get sick or anything, but if I eat a lot of chocolate over a few days, my skin gets really dry.”

Joel Trivia Fact #66

“My music tastes are pretty eclectic — Diana Krall, Marilyn Manson, Nirvana, Britney Spears, Baroque chamber music, Kylie Minogue, Notorious B.I.G., etc.”

Joel Trivia Fact #67

“I am a HUGE fan of U2. My friend Matt hooked me onto them back in junior high school, and I’ve been a fan ever since.”

Joel Trivia Fact #70

“I’m not a big horror movie fan. I can barely keep my eyes open during one. Talk about pathetic.”

Joel Trivia Fact #72

“I only like to watch movies in widescreen letterbox. I hate fullscreen, since you lose parts of the movie when it’s cut for pan & scan.”

Joel Trivia Fact #73

“I’m a Taurus.”

Joel Trivia Fact #74

“It’s a holdover from my hard-livin’ consulting days, but I really enjoy eating a bag of Cheetos and washing it down with Diet Coke.”

Joel Trivia Fact #87

“I can’t sit cross-legged, Indian-style, for more than two minutes. I lose all circulation in my legs. I’m getting old.”

Joel Trivia Fact #100

“My favorite superheroes are Batman and Spiderman. Batman does everything on his own, without superpowers. Spiderman has cool spider powers, and he’s such a normal guy.”

Joel Trivia Fact #101

“I grew up playing (and watching) Transformers and GI Joe. They were the best. I also enjoyed watching Thundercats, Voltron…..the classics.”

Joel Trivia Fact #102

“I have an almost complete collection of the 80 original issues of the Transformers comicbook series, including Issue #1. I don’t have a bunch in the middle (mid-20’s to mid-30’s), because they’re kinda stupid. I also have a number of Batman and other assorted series.”

Joel Trivia Fact #103

“I thought Captain Kangaroo was great.”

Joel Trivia Fact #104

“I used to watch Knight Rider religiously. I can’t believe it was only on for 4 seasons.”

Joel Trivia Fact #105

“Seriously, how awesome are Legos? I loved them growing up.”

Joel Trivia Fact #106

“I thought Airwolf back in the 80’s was awesome, until my college roommate blasted me for liking a show that was unbelievable unrealistic. Did he have to burst my bubble?”

Joel Trivia Fact #137

“When I eat at a restaurant, I like to face the window so I can watch the people outside walk around, going about their lives. It’s like a big fishtank.”

Joel Trivia Fact #162

“I will take New York style pizza over Chicago Style Deep Dish any day. Come on, is that pizza or a casserole? I’ll take a thin, crispy, greasy slice of NY pepperoni pizza anytime.”

Joel Trivia Fact #186

“Ever since I had Indian food and ice cream with my friend Regina back in October 2004, Indian meals have never been the same. It’s like Pavlov’s experiment. No matter where I am, if I had Indian food, I want an ice cream chaser.”

Joel Trivia Fact #188

“I love Philly cheese steaks. Provolone cheese, peppers, onions. Hmmm, good.”

Joel Trivia Fact #200

“I never got into watching Baywatch. Seriously, not ever.”

Joel Trivia Fact #201

“I wish I spoke more foreign languages besides Spanish. Malayalam (my parents’ mother tongue) would have been a good start.”

Joel Trivia Fact #202

“I love travelling. Business or leisure, I find the experience exciting.”

Joel Trivia Fact #203

“A few years ago, I realized that no foreign food is going to kill you. Now I’m always ready to try something new. Having said that….see #206, #207, and #476.”

Joel Trivia Fact #204

“I think Mrs. Field’s cookies are the greatest cookies ever. I could fill up on her chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookies.”

Joel Trivia Fact #205

“I’m a gadget freak, because I think the best gadgets should make your life easier. See my Toys page for further reference.”

Joel Trivia Fact #206

“I hate cherries, or cherry-flavored anything.”

Joel Trivia Fact #207

“I can not stand the smell or taste of lamb.”

Joel Trivia Fact #208

“I may not eat fish, but I do like sushi. Go figure.”

Joel Trivia Fact #215

“I get bored very easy and quickly. ADD? Who knows, but I wouldn’t dismiss that hypothesis.”

Joel Trivia Fact #221

“I’m horrible with song lyrics. Horrible isn’t strong enough. Attrocious. Absolutely attrocious.”

Joel Trivia Fact #232

“I never did get a handle on skateboarding, rollerskating, swimming, or ice skating.”

Joel Trivia Fact #257

“I couldn’t ride a bicycle for the longest time, but then I figured it out by accident one day while goofing off in some kid’s basement on a rainy Saturday afternoon in 1985. Life was never the same again.”

Joel Trivia Fact #273

“I’m a huge speed freak. That explains the way I drive, my love of roller coasters, and even the road bike I own.”

Joel Trivia Fact #289

“My favorite genres are sci fi and fantasy. What a geek.”

Joel Trivia Fact #314

“Baseball caps make my head itch.”

Joel Trivia Fact #319

“I have a bad habit of nailbiting. I just can’t stop. Matter of fact, I’m chewing on them right now. No manicures in my future.”

Joel Trivia Fact #340

“Num made an interesting observation that my Mom and I have a tendency to binge. If it’s good, we’ll just eat and eat and eat. I don’t drink socially, but when I go out to officially drink, I binge drink. This is my Mother’s legacy to me: living to excess.”

Joel Trivia Fact #347

“I love stopping and eating at NJ Turnpike rest areas, because I feel nostalgic over the family trips of yore. We’d always stop at one, and just eat and talk. It was a highlight of the road trip — stopping and eating Roy Rogers or something. We all got along better back then.”

Joel Trivia Fact #354

“Defying the expectations of all Indian parents, I never had a wish to be a doctor, lawyer, or an engineer.”

Joel Trivia Fact #361

“I learned how to use chopsticks in my 1st month away in college, eating Nissan Cup Noodles.”

Joel Trivia Fact #365

“I actually suffer from a significant amount of self-loathing.”

Joel Trivia Fact #367

“The realization that I’m getting older and older is beginning to be unsettling. It’s normal, but it’s still weird.”

Joel Trivia Fact #388

“My birthday always falls on Earth Day. How sweet.”

Joel Trivia Fact #391

“The fastest I ever ran a mile was in 1995. I did it in 7 minutes and 45 seconds. Damn, that was a long time ago.”

Joel Trivia Fact #412

“As a kid, I watched a lot of ‘The Price is Right’ growing up. Ask my Mom — it’s one of her favorite stories.”

Joel Trivia Fact #435

“I have a serious sweet-tooth, except for cherry-flavored stuff. See #206.”

Joel Trivia Fact #444

“I grew up watching I Love Lucy every day. I think I’ve seen every episode. That woman had great comic timing.”

Joel Trivia Fact #449

“I always need someone else’s help to choose sunglasses for me, as I have no ability to choose sunglasses that look good on me. No ability whatsoever. I have no idea if the ones I have now are any good either.”

Joel Trivia Fact #451

“I’m scared of large bunny rabbits.”

Joel Trivia Fact #476

“I don’t know why, but Chinese Dim Sum generally doesn’t agree with me. I’ve had it a five times, vomited once, and suffered nausea twice. 3 out of 5 ain’t a good track record.”

Joel Trivia Fact #480

“I love the smell of money.”

Joel Trivia Fact #481

“I wish I knew how to do Origami.”

Joel Trivia Fact #482

“I had all of my wisdom teeth removed at the same time.  The only way I survived were the plentiful McDonald’s vanilla milkshakes stored in the fridge.”

Joel Trivia Fact #483

“You know those magic posters where you’re supposed to see some image if you stare long enough.  I never saw anything in any damn one. I feel like that guy in Mallrats.”

Joel Trivia Fact #519

“I don’t think I’ll ever get a dog. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I think dogs are great, but I don’t ever want to take mine out at 4am so he can do his business in the street, and I have to bag it up. At least cats use the bathroom like decent, civilized folks.”

Joel Trivia Fact #526

“I never did beat any of the Super Mario Brother games on my Nintendo.”

Joel Trivia Fact #527

“I’m not very good at video games, but I sure do love to play them.”

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