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My original plan was to create this Flash-based interactive family tree. Instead, I developed a life, and realized I don't really want to spend months of my life trying to figure out how to make this work.

Not that this is any type of complete collection, but this will show us chronologically growing up into our present-day evil forms. Yes, that's right. Evil.

Hey, you lookin' at us?

Joel & Family


Namita & Family

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My parents' wedding day
Wow, they look young
My Mom
My parents in NYC
Num's parents
Early family portrait
Extended family
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Ah, so cute
I don't remember this outfit at all
Anju and Num with Uncle
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Believe it or not, we still have this plastic Christmas tree in the basement
Bath time!
Sonny uncle & Num
Anju and Num
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Baby Shaun, Shiku, Shibu, me
"I'm listening..."
The sleepy train has arrived
Num, cousin Milind, Anju
Num's 6th or 7th birthday
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A goat I befriended, and then we ate for Julie's baptism. Scarred for life, I tell ya.
And the sibling rivalry begins
Vinod, some girl, Sudhir, Anju, Num
Anju, cousin Rashmi, Num
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Hmmm, stylish
Epcot Center 1984
Riding an elephant in Busch Gardens Tampa
In 2nd grade. Love those eyeglasses

Milly Aunty, Achacha (maternal grandfather), Amma, Num, and cousin Malini

Num as a choir
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I'm a two-wheeled demon
Congers Elementary School winter concert, around 4th or 5th grade
Divya, Anju, Num, Babu
Christy & her prize
Christy & Num
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One can dream
In India, we had a fascination with the family chickens
Ah, musical talents abound
Julie, myself with our paternal grandfather
The church gang
Num & Plexy
Num & Christy's daughter Katie
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With my uncle and my paternal grandfather
At a wedding back in '92 or '93. I got married at this church about 10 years later.
Even then, I was addicted to the computer
My last concert -- here with my buddy Rob
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High school graduation
All of the siblings
With Anju & Sunny
Mini golfing in Florida
Num, Teena, & a bridal shower
Num & Barb in a hot tub