We bought ourselves a Chromecast and I gotta say it’s damn easy to use

After much thinking, I picked up a Chromecast from our local Target store this afternoon. We bought one recently for my brother-in-law, and then I started to think about it too. We have all of this video media available through our Plex Media Server, and it works great with our tablets and on the PC. I’ve been looking at lots of options on how to get it out there in a nice interface for couch consumption via our televisions. Yes, I really need to release the Kraken. I’m still considering a small form-factor home theater PC (HTPC) to run a separate instance of the Plex Media Server front end, but for now, I need to get a little Kraken out there.

For $35, it’s a pretty good bargain, and you can control it through the tablet or phone. The first Chromecast I picked up today had a damaged USB cable and no power adapter. I went back to the store to exchange it, and then returned home to install it on the family room television. Installation and setup were a breeze. Within 10 minutes, I was selecting media from the Plex Media Server through my tablet, and casting it straight to the television. We don’t have the AV receiver yet, and that may add a wrinkle later on. Also, it’s all 720p resolution at the moment. I don’t know when that’s going to begin to bother me.

For now, this is pretty good for me.

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