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Welcome to the future – a new Google Nest Aware doorbell (and a new chime too!)

I’ve been back and forth on getting a webcam / smart doorbell for a while now. Plenty of friends and coworkers have done it. I didn’t think we necessarily had that constant flow of people at our front door, so … Continue reading

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I purchased and installed a Nest Protect – it’s okay but doesn’t integrate with Google Assistant

I’ve been exploring life with the Google Assistant and comparing it against the Amazon Alexa AI. We have many products in our integrated with Alexa, and only a few devices integrated with Google Assistant. While I’ll admit that the Assistant … Continue reading

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I’m trying something new – life with Google Assistant, the Google Home Hub, and Google Mini

We’ve been using the Amazon ‘Alexa’ AI assistant through their Echo Dot product since Oct 2017. After about a year of heavy usage, I still think it’s interesting. The family and I have various uses for it. I like that Amazon … Continue reading

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We bought ourselves a Chromecast and I gotta say it’s damn easy to use

After much thinking, I picked up a Chromecast from our local Target store this afternoon. We bought one recently for my brother-in-law, and then I started to think about it too. We have all of this video media available through … Continue reading

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A crashing rebooting Nexus 7 and the glowing X of suckitude

Well, that was fast. Middle of last week, my Nexus 7 showed a notification that a new system update was available. I heard that some minor update was available, including a new Google Keep app for notes and lists. Thinking … Continue reading

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My Google Nexus 7 has arrived

After months of waiting, my long-awaited, much desired, tablet has arrived. I’ve already said what I needed to say about the Nexus 7, and how I arrived at my decision over the Apple iPad, so let’s get to the unboxing! … Continue reading

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Is my first tablet going to be the Nexus 7?

Alright, alright, I think we c.an agree that I’ve been waiting to get a tablet for a very long time. 1. I’ve looked at the various iterations of the Apple iPad for years. Heck, I had an iPod Touch (gen … Continue reading

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Google Maps is a little hinky sometimes

Did you ever notice that GPS / Google Maps can behave a little strange sometimes? Most of the time, it can be accurate, and I wouldn’t want to go without it. However, other times, you gotta wonder what the hell … Continue reading

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WSJ: How Facebook Is Making Friending Obsolete

Uh, hello, fellow Facebook members. Do you remember how Facebook rolled out the new privacy changes earlier this month? Do you know why?  Facebook has completed distribution deals with both Google and Microsoft to distribute your FB data (wall postings, etc.) Don’t … Continue reading

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Virginia is for…. baptisms and traffic

Saturday night, we returned from a whirlwind trip to Virginia.  Num’s friend Barb and her husband John welcomed their first child Jack earlier this year.  Months later, time for a baptism.  On account that we haven’t visited them in a … Continue reading

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