Google Maps is a little hinky sometimes

Did you ever notice that GPS / Google Maps can behave a little strange sometimes? Most of the time, it can be accurate, and I wouldn’t want to go without it. However, other times, you gotta wonder what the hell is wrong. Case in point:

Today, I had to run to a local CVS during church to get a picture developed, then get some coffee for my wife. While I was standing in line at the single CVS cashier line, I checked Yelp for nearby coffeehouses or coffee shops. In luck, there was a entry for a nearby coffeeshop called Rockin’ Joe’s Coffeehouse and Bistro, and it’s right on Rt. 27 where I was, maybe 0.1 miles away. Nice!

I look closer at the map, and I get befuddled. See below. I’m supposedly at the red dot, but also at both blue dots. The coffeehouse is at the green dot, or is it closer than that? I ask the slightly-flaky CVS cashier if she knows where this Rockin’ Joe’s might be, but not holding up much hope that she knows. Luckily, she does know where the coffeehouse is. In fact, it’s in the same strip mall — I just have to walk to the left a few stores.

Nice job, Google Maps.


Google Maps can act a little bizarre

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