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The end of the 2011 Fall soccer season

And that’s it for soccer for at least a little while. This was the first year where we had both kids in soccer programs, and we found trying to get both kids to practices and games on weekends a bit … Continue reading

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Friendsgiving 2011

Turkey time, same as the first! First off, I gotta talk about the great turkey-napping of 2011. We do almost all of our grocery shopping at our local ShopRite, especially after our local SuperFresh closed down. We found out on … Continue reading

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The Muppets (2011)

Ah, I love a four day weekend. Today, we bought our tickets early, and took the kids to see The Muppets, the latest Muppets film, which I believe Disney wants to bring back in a big way. Jason Segel both … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2011 @ my sister’s

As early as last month, there was much discussion within the family as to who would host Thanksgiving this year. Ultimately, my sister Julie and her husband Robbie agreed to host the holiday dinner, while my wife would bring the … Continue reading

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Got my first Newark traffic ticket

Argh, how frustrating. I got my first (and last, I hope) Newark ticket. I wasn’t driving either. In Newark, there is a light rail service that takes you around various parts of Newark. Generally, I would walk in the mornings, … Continue reading

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Immortals (2011)

Friday night, I came home to change my clothes, and get back on the road. I was to meet up with my buddy Doug in Clifton, NJ to see Immortals. This is that stylized action film loosely based on elements … Continue reading

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My first week at Prudential

My first week went well. Some random thoughts: The overall team is very friendly and welcoming. It’s not what I’m used to, so this is blowing my mind. I like the commute. After 5+ years of driving in stop and … Continue reading

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My first day at Prudential

My first day at Prudential was interesting. I got up early and was ready around 6:30am. I made the kids their lunches for the day, then I was off to the Hamilton train station. I was hoping to catch the … Continue reading

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NYC Trip – Day 4

Our last day finally arrived. We had wanted to visit the new WTC Memorial downtown his weekend, but ran out of time yesterday. I floated the idea of trying to fit that into our Sunday morning, but we ultimately decided … Continue reading

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NYC Trip – Day 3

Halfway through our trip, and Saturday was our last full day. After some discussion (there are so many places to go see in NYC), we chilled out in the hotel for a bit in the morning, I gave the kids … Continue reading

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