Immortals (2011)

Friday night, I came home to change my clothes, and get back on the road. I was to meet up with my buddy Doug in Clifton, NJ to see Immortals. This is that stylized action film loosely based on elements of Greek mythology, in the vein of the 2007 film “300.” (which I’ve also seen), but they have no connection with each other. Tarsem Singh directed this film, and here’s an interesting portion of his Wikipedia entry:

Tarsem is a Sikh-American and was born in Jalandhar, India. His father was an aircraft engineer. He attended the Bishop Cotton School, Simla, Hans Raj College, Delhi, and is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Tarsem began his career directing music videos, including those of “Hold On” by En Vogue, “Sweet Lullaby” by Deep Forest and R.E.M.’s smash hit “Losing My Religion,” the latter of which won Best Video of the Year at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards. He has directed dozens of commercials for brands such as Nike and Coca-Cola.[3] Tarsem’s feature film directorial debut was The Cell (2000), starring Jennifer Lopez. 

With all that background information, let me tell you that I did not enjoy this film. It was a slightly different style from the Zach Snyder 300 film, but I believe they immitated that style hoping to cash in. Unfortunately, I found the story and the characters to be dull and boring. I never found myself invested in any of the characters (including the protagonist Theseus), nor did I find the plot at all interesting. Furthermore, the action itself was either boring or entirely too gruesome to be enjoyable. Oftentimes, I felt that a particular death was made gory, in order to achieve some sort of shock value that would excite 13-year old boys.

It wasn’t interesting. It wasn’t fun.

Immortals (2011)

Immortals (2011)

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