My first week at Prudential

My first week went well. Some random thoughts:

  • The overall team is very friendly and welcoming. It’s not what I’m used to, so this is blowing my mind.
  • I like the commute. After 5+ years of driving in stop and go traffic, I enjoy sitting and relaxing on the train for 45 mins on the train. I know NJ Transit often has issues, but so, no issues this week.
  • The city of Newark is okay.
  • I’m not a morning person by any means, but I haven’t had any issues catching a train and getting to the office before 9am.
  • I have access to mostly everything I need right now.
  • I haven’t had a lot of free time in the evenings. I have the free time, but between bathing the kisses, laundry, etc, I’m still in bed by 11pm or so. I need my sleep, since I need to be up by 6am.

That’s it. It’s been a good week.

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