Thanksgiving 2011 @ my sister’s

As early as last month, there was much discussion within the family as to who would host Thanksgiving this year. Ultimately, my sister Julie and her husband Robbie agreed to host the holiday dinner, while my wife would bring the desserts, and my parents bringing some appetizer. They were also inviting many of Rob’s cousins.

We brought two pies (farmer’s market), and my wife made flan, cheesecake brownies, a fancy bread pudding (?), and I momentarily forget the last one. My sister roasted the turkey and cooked the sides, and they were all pretty good. My parents hung out with their grandchildren, Rob’s cousins had fun with each other, and it was all nice. I was also glad that we didn’t have to clean up all of the mess! Though I did hep out with the dishes.

One note: we hosting “Friendsgiving” this Saturday, which includes roasting a turkey. My sister gave us some tips on brining a turkey as a good way to keep the turkey moist after all the time in the oven. We also borrowed a few of their items, including the roasting pan and rack. Keeping our fingers crossed for Saturday.

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