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Frozen (2013)

When you have a four day weekend and some free time, wouldn’t you take the opportunity to see a movie in the theater? In the past few years, we’ve gone as a family to see some sort of family film … Continue reading

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Oz: The Great and Powerful (2013)

For Josh’s birthday, the Ipes decided to hit our nearest AMC dine-in theater to watch Oz: The Great and Powerful (2013), a prequel of sorts based on the L. Frank Baum books from the turn of the century, and also to … Continue reading

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The Muppets (2011)

Ah, I love a four day weekend. Today, we bought our tickets early, and took the kids to see The Muppets, the latest Muppets film, which I believe Disney wants to bring back in a big way. Jason Segel both … Continue reading

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Why do kids sleep so strangely?

Based on our parenting experiences raising both a boy and a girl, I have many witty observations to share.  I’m not going to share them all with you now, because really, I need to save some material for boring dinner … Continue reading

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Kids and yoga

Last year, my wife introduced Joshua (and Lily via the trickle-down effect) to yoga for kids. Before I had even tried yoga myself, she bought this yoga-for-kids DVD set, featuring yoga instructor Marsha Wenig.  Joshua enjoys it a lot, and … Continue reading

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‘Boy crazy’ Dora?

I watched this, and just started laughing.  LMAO, actually.  Are we going to see Dora join the Bratz dolls? HA!  Just seems so toy company corporate boardroom decision.  “So Jenkins, Dora will move to the city and be fashionable?   And … Continue reading

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Pinki brings a smile to the Oscars | CNN.com

I’ve seen the ads on TV and newsprint about the Smile Train, with Jessica Simpson as spokesperson.  We should really donate to that charity.  I’ve got to talk to my wife about it.  Anyway, there is a documentary, “Smile Pinki,” … Continue reading

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How do you get to Sesame Street?

I’m trying to get my son into more of Sesame Street, instead of all that Nickelodeon cartoons. Don’t get me wrong, I used to watch Nickelodeon when I was young, but for his max 1 hour of television watching per … Continue reading

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