Frozen (2013)

When you have a four day weekend and some free time, wouldn’t you take the opportunity to see a movie in the theater? In the past few years, we’ve gone as a family to see some sort of family film on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I’m not saying we’re unique in this tradition — only that we like to do it. Last year, for example, we saw Wreck-It Ralph. The year before that? The Muppets. Wow, that film came out two years ago?

Anyway, we decided to see Frozen this year, Disney’s latest animated film. It’s a beautifully animated film with a lot of singing. I mean, a lot of singing. I’m generally not big on musicals, but the rest of the family enjoyed it. The film is loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Snow Queen. The film stars the voices of Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel (a Broadway star) as the two sister princesses at the heart of the story. Without revealing too much of plot, one sister has the magical ability to conjure and control the cold. Drama ensues, and their kingdom of Arendelle is trapped in snow and ice. The other sister has to enlist the help of a slightly oafish ice cutter, and Olaf the magical snowman.

Olaf the snowman is probably worth the cost of admission alone — he’s probably the best comic relief that I’ve seen in a children’s animated film in a long time.


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