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Halloween 2013

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12 Angry Men (1957)

So, continuing in my tradition of watching and catching up on classic films that I missed for various reasons, I recently requested 12 Angry Men. It’s a 1957 film with an all-star cast, directed by famed director Sidney Lumet. It’s … Continue reading

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We visited the Liberty Science Center this year

My wife was working this past Saturday, so I took the kids to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City. While Josh and I have been here at least twice, this was Lily’s first time. We got there around 11am, … Continue reading

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Purchased Pacific Rim on Blu-ray

I admit it’s not the most thought-provoking film out there, but the scenes of robots fighting monsters? Totally worth the price of admission.

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Cub Scouts Popcorn Show N Sell this weekend

2nd year in a row for us — Cub Scout Pack 53 Show N Sell at our local Wawa. Josh is aiming to be in the list of top sellers so he can throw a pie in my face come … Continue reading

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Abby’s 3rd birthday party

My niece recently celebrated her 3rd birthday party. My sister and her husband organized a very well thought out scavenger hunt as part of a Dora the Explorer birthday party theme. Josh and Lily had a lot of fun running … Continue reading

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Extended family dinner at Kochi Indian restaurant

Earlier this year, Delhi 6, an Indian restaurant that we often frequented for dinner in town, recently closed down. Recently, it was announced that a new south Indian restaurant would reopen in its place, featuring both north and south Indian … Continue reading

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