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Frozen (2013)

When you have a four day weekend and some free time, wouldn’t you take the opportunity to see a movie in the theater? In the past few years, we’ve gone as a family to see some sort of family film … Continue reading

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Argo (2012)

I was at our local library last Sunday afternoon, perusing the DVD / Movies section, and found the Argo on Blu-ray. Ooooh, that’s interesting. When this film came out last year, there was a lot of good buzz around the … Continue reading

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Took the kids to see Disney On Ice – “Let’s Celebrate!”

It was a last minute decision this week, but I found out late Wednesday that there were still some remaining Prudential SuiteĀ tickets for the latest Disney On Ice show. With a little hustle, I was able get tickets and suite … Continue reading

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Lack of updates this month, but not because it’s quiet

I have to admit that there has been a serious lack of updates here this month. It’s not for lack of trying. It’s been a rather busy month in a rather busy year for me. Between work, home, kids’ activities, … Continue reading

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We have a lot of popcorn in the house

As I may have mentioned earlier, I’m currently running the popcorn fundraiser this year for our Cub Scout pack. A few weeks ago, we had a key fundraising weekend event at our local Wawa. On October 29th, I received, tabulated, … Continue reading

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Rebuilding the home PC

Good news on the hard drive replacement project — I got Windows 7 installed on the new SSD, and most of the applications installed. I was conscious this time around to make a checklist of every app that I needed … Continue reading

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Hibachi dinner with the kids after Thor: The Dark World

After visiting a hobby store in our area to pick up a model rocket and plane, the kids and I went to see Thor: The Dark World. We also had some errands to run, but with a big gap in … Continue reading

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Thor: The Dark World (2013)

I have to say that I’m generally this series of films in the Marvel universe that started with Iron Man five years ago. I, like many people, liked that film, but the nerds (like me) liked the shout outs and … Continue reading

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Upgrading my PC to a solid state drive

It’s been almost two years since we bought and put together the new home PC. In that time, we have heavily used the PC in all the ways you can imagine. We’re now running out of internal storage space– time … Continue reading

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