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Dinner with Doug & Kathy after watching Zootopia

After watching Zootopia Saturday evening with Doug & Kathy, we all went out for hibachi to celebrate Doug’s birthday at Mahzu. Good food and conversation, and no one caught on fire from our proximity to the grill. Always a win-win.

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I celebrated my 39th birthday this week, and I’m okay with it

Ah to be 39 years old. The stuff of dreams. Who am I kidding? 39 years old? Really? Do I have 30 years left before retirement? Seriously? Am I old? How did it come to this? Yeah, I’m 39 this … Continue reading

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Hibachi dinner with the kids after Thor: The Dark World

After visiting a hobby store in our area to pick up a model rocket and plane, the kids and I went to see Thor: The Dark World. We also had some errands to run, but with a big gap in … Continue reading

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Midwest Roadtrip Day 3 – Chicago’s Field Museum and a little Rokbonki action

After getting our free breakfast from the hotel, we sat in more of Chicago’s interminable highway traffic on the way into town to see the Shedd Aquarium. After paying $19 cash for parking, then standing in line outside the aquarium, … Continue reading

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