I celebrated my 39th birthday this week, and I’m okay with it

Ah to be 39 years old. The stuff of dreams.

Who am I kidding? 39 years old? Really? Do I have 30 years left before retirement? Seriously? Am I old? How did it come to this?

Yeah, I’m 39 this year. Truly bizarre, but the years sneak up on you. Do you what troubles me the most? The white hairs that have started appearing on my arm. I got used to the white hairs on my head, and my beard, and even the slowly disappearing hair from my head. I’ve come to grips (slowly) that my body aches a bit more after workouts. But the white hairs on my arms that are becoming more prominent and numerous? Totally weirding me out, man.

Tuesday night, my in-laws, my parents, and my sister came over to our house for a home-cooked Tex-Mex dinner, and that was nice. On Wednesday, we had ice cream with family friends the Winters, then had leftovers (and some non-leftover Indian food from our favorite local Indian restaurant Kochi. Friday night after Lily’s softball game, we went out for hibachi at Mahzu, our local Japanese restaurant.

In case you were saying to yourself, “Hey who cares about all that gushy family stuff. Let’s talk about birthday presents”, what’s wrong with you? To humor you, I got a new Victorinox Deluxe Tinker swiss army knife, and a Nikon WU-1A  wireless adapter for our Nikon D5200 camera. What does this do? Primarily, I can download photos from the camera without a PC (probably during a trip), and allowing me to edit/tweak/finesse, then upload and share. Seems interesting, review to be published later.

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