Upgrading my PC to a solid state drive

It’s been almost two years since we bought and put together the new home PC. In that time, we have heavily used the PC in all the ways you can imagine. We’re now running out of internal storage space– time for a new hard drive. I could have gone down the traditional route and simply added a traditional hard drive.

But I didn’t.

I’ve had my eyes on a solid state drive (SSD), which uses NAND memory vs platters and drive heads, ever since I ran the initial Windows Experience evaluation, and found to my surprises that the hard drive is now the slowest component within my PC. What? The only way to really increase the performance would be to move on up to an SSD. As per my usual modus operandi, I did my research on-and-off over the course of two years, put my selection in our Amazon.com shopping cart, and bided my time. What was I waiting for? Approval from the family CFO, of course.

Our hard drive is now down to the 30 GB of free space, so I got the go ahead to purchase the Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB drive. Ordered it Friday evening, and the magical Amazon elves delivered it Monday. Unfortunately, I forgot to verify whether or not the Samsung drive came bundled with an internal drive enclosure or cables. Luckily, I had power cables, so all I had to order was the internal drive enclosure itself (plus screws.)

I tried setting up the drive this week, but I haven’t had any luck getting the PC to load my Windows 7 disc at boot up. Argh.




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