A most relaxing Thanksgiving weekend in 2013

Dinner at Fujiyama Mama with John and Barbara

Dinner at Fujiyama Mama with John and Barbara

I wouldn’t say this has been the most stressful year of my life. 2005 and 2008 were both ridiculous in my opinion. However, I’m confident in saying it was stressful in its own right. On the few weekends where we had nothing to do and nowhere to run to, I found it to be a wonderful breath of fresh air. This past Thanksgiving weekend, we found ourselves without too much to do. Much earlier, we decided to hold off on trips to far away Thanksgiving dinners, or other travels to far off lands. We had plans for Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s, take the kids to the movie theater, and a Thanksgiving-themed dinner with friends. Although we weren’t able to make it to our annual “Friendsgiving” dinner tradition this year, we kept the running around to a minimum this weekend. Sounds less exciting, but ultimately more relaxing.

  1. Thursday – Gym in the morning, and Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s in the evening.
  2. Friday – Took our family portrait photos, went to see Frozen, and hibachi dinner at Fujiyama Mama with friends in Westfield, NJ. Also, played some PS3, saved Gotham as Batman.
  3. Saturday – Spent a lot of time in the house, hit the gym again, saved Gotham again.
  4. Sunday – Puttered around.

Very relaxing weekend, and it was oh so good.

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