‘Boy crazy’ Dora?

I watched this, and just started laughing.  LMAO, actually.  Are we going to see Dora join the Bratz dolls? HA!  Just seems so toy company corporate boardroom decision.  “So Jenkins, Dora will move to the city and be fashionable?   And she can have fancy outfits that girls can buy and accessorize?”

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2 Responses to ‘Boy crazy’ Dora?

  1. sudeep says:

    Joel, this is crazy.. well yes the story and well i couldnt watch this on CNN for some reason so i googled it and ur website was like #2 recommend. and i didnt realized till i saw IPE. Nice look. call me man.


  2. Joel says:

    #2 recommended? Why wasn’t I #1? Stupid CNN taking all of my thunder.

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