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‘Boy crazy’ Dora?

I watched this, and just started laughing.  LMAO, actually.  Are we going to see Dora join the Bratz dolls? HA!  Just seems so toy company corporate boardroom decision.  “So Jenkins, Dora will move to the city and be fashionable?   And … Continue reading

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Gizmodo interview with David X. Cohen

For those of you who are part of the unenlightened portion of our society, Futurama was/is a smart and funny animated show from Matt Groening and David X. Cohen.  One word: Hee-larious, and just as good as the Simpsons (Groening’s other creation.)  Futurama … Continue reading

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New Facebook 1.5 app coming for BlackBerry users

Boy Genius Report (BGR) is reporting a new Facebook 1.5 application is is being worked on. It will feature enhancements to the message, calendar, and contact features. Neat, can’t wait.  Facebook is an enjoyable time-waster.

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All Circuit City stores closing permanently on March 8th

March 8th is D-Day for Circuit City.  The last day to find unreasonable prices, bad inventory, and uninformed staff. All Circuit City stores closing permanently on March 8th.

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