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The PlayOn Digital Media Server is way cool

I downloaded and installed Media Mall’s PlayOn Digital Media Server software for my PC.  It’s a neat little media server that runs on your PC, and allows you to stream internet video from your PC to your PS3, Xbox 360, … Continue reading

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My phone, my phone

Argh, something is wrong with my BlackBerry Curve.  Last week, the camera component stopped working, and I’ve tried multiple solutions posted online, but have had no success.  Starting this past Sunday, the phone has lost connection to the AT&T network, … Continue reading

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The PS3 is here

It arrived.  Like the large metal monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, it is a gleaming tower of ominous beauty. First thoughts: It’s pretty. Second thoughts: It didn’t take me long to set up, except for learning how to type … Continue reading

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February and March 2009 photos posted

Well, doesn’t the post title say it all? We’ve got some random photos from February, the Joshua birthday weekend celebration, and Teena’s wedding, all for your amusement.  Are you not entertained?

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