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I loves me some Asian representation, but I wish Always Be My Maybe didn’t feel so…. bland

Let’s get the bad / “It could have been better” out of the way – this felt a little bland. It’s a romantic comedy featuring two talented Asian-American actors, Ali Wong and Randall Park. The film is about their characters … Continue reading

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Netflix drops Qwikster plan, says it moved ‘too fast’

I’m glad management recognized that they screwed up. It’s one thing to raise the subscription fees by 60%, because naturally customers are going to hate it. I dislike it, but I still perceive a value in the service. To raise … Continue reading

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My impressions after watching HDTV for two weeks

It’s been two weeks now with the new Panasonic, and we’re well into the 100-hour break-in period. Since this was my dream lusted for so long, it would be prudent to list some thoughts and impressions so far. In no … Continue reading

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Why is it so hard to find a decent HDTV?

Short story – I can’t find an HDTV that I like. Each model out there has both rave reviews and serious complaints. Also, I can’t trust CNET on their reviews as my sole source of trusted information anymore. Long story – In December … Continue reading

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Chicago Tribune: How Netflix gets your movies to your mailbox so fast

This was an interesting article. The Chicago Tribune wrote a lengthy article about how Netflix works.  As a self-avowed geek, I love finding out how this stuff really works.  Come on, it’s cool.  Don’t you ever wonder? http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/chi-0804-netflixaug04,0,6424990.story

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Wax on, wax off, Play On, play off

[Side note: I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a soft spot for The Karate Kid.  It’s a great, fun, nostalgic movie.  I have no interest in Will Smith’s version releasing whenever.  I’ll take Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita … Continue reading

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The PlayOn Digital Media Server is way cool

I downloaded and installed Media Mall’s PlayOn Digital Media Server software for my PC.  It’s a neat little media server that runs on your PC, and allows you to stream internet video from your PC to your PS3, Xbox 360, … Continue reading

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Video Killed the Video Store | Wired.com

The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that Blockbuster Video, whose shares are trading below $1, is seeking advice on how to file for bankruptcy.  Blockbuster counters it’s only trying to get help to restructure its debt. I’m not surprised about … Continue reading

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