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Why is it so hard to find a decent HDTV?

Short story – I can’t find an HDTV that I like. Each model out there has both rave reviews and serious complaints. Also, I can’t trust CNET on their reviews as my sole source of trusted information anymore. Long story – In December … Continue reading

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Indian actress Lisa Ray has Multiple Myeloma

Now this is a strange blast from the past. Try to follow the chronology: 1. Sunday night, I’m browsing through Hulu for the Sept 26th episode of SNL, which I forgot to record before we went away this weekend. While … Continue reading

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Hulu iPhone app is coming

I just read that Hulu is developing an iPhone app that’ll stream over 3G and Wi-Fi.  What’s more, it’s supposed to be better than good.  Actually, the comment was the app was “badass”, but that remains to be seen.  Still, … Continue reading

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Hulu Redesign (Spring 2009) – PC Magazine

Wasn’t I just writing about Hulu a few days ago?  I haven’t been to the actual URL recently, but it turns out they’ve been redesigning it with additional features, according to PC Magazine. Hulu (Spring 2009) – PC Magazine

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Wax on, wax off, Play On, play off

[Side note: I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a soft spot for The Karate Kid.  It’s a great, fun, nostalgic movie.  I have no interest in Will Smith’s version releasing whenever.  I’ll take Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita … Continue reading

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