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I’m playing Batman: Arkham Asylum again, or how I became the Dark Knight of central NJ

Last Christmas, I got two new PS3 games as gifts. Actually, they’re the last two new games that I added to my collection. I don’t play often, so when I get something new, it’s real news. Of course, my definition of real … Continue reading

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Why is it so hard to find a decent HDTV?

Short story – I can’t find an HDTV that I like. Each model out there has both rave reviews and serious complaints. Also, I can’t trust CNET on their reviews as my sole source of trusted information anymore. Long story – In December … Continue reading

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Heavenly Sword

Cue the headline news music. This week, I beat Heavenly Sword, a game for the PS3. Please return to your regularly scheduled programming. The game came out about two years ago, and my brother-in-law Robbie borrowed it from a friend, … Continue reading

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