I’m playing Batman: Arkham Asylum again, or how I became the Dark Knight of central NJ

Last Christmas, I got two new PS3 games as gifts. Actually, they’re the last two new games that I added to my collection. I don’t play often, so when I get something new, it’s real news. Of course, my definition of real news is probably debatable. Generally, I like to play for the relaxation and immersion factor, but the number of games I’ve actually completed can be counted on one hand. Hmm, I should give myself credit, as it’s probably about 10 fingers. Maybe even 3 hands. 😉

Wasn’t I talking about something? Oh, right. I eventually completed Uncharted 2 after two weeks of much gameplay. AlthoughI still had Batman sitting next in the queue, I’ve been too busy with work and home life to sit and play much of anything this year. I also played some of Bioshock that I got as a gift a while back, but I’ve played that on and off. Now, I was fairly excited for Batman:Arkham Asylum to come out. It looked awfully promising. Still, work life was busy, and we had much going on here. Trips, busy weekends, many late nights working. Also, it was a little hard to play and see good detail on a 32″ SD screen. I ended up storing the game, and never took it out after some initial game play.

Just for fun, I decided to give it another go on Batman: Arkham Asylum, and what do you know? It’s actually kinda fun after all. It’s an over-the-shoulder 3rd-person action game, but I’ve been playing in my off-hours on the weekends this month. I’ve started to get the hang of it, and I’m enjoying the story. Furthermore, I enjoy walking around the island and searching for the Riddler’s game riddles and trophies. I’m not sure why I would like this particular aspect, but I similarly had to look for treasures in the Uncharted game series, so maybe I’ve been trained like Pavlov’s dogs to achieve a measure of satisfaction for finding a virtual trophy.

Gameplay video embedded below, courtesy of IGN. I am the Dark Knight of central NJ.

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