Nov 20th ’10 — 4th flat tire this year

I have no words to describe the statistical likelihood that we have changed six tires on the Toyota Highlander this year, and now staring in the face of yet another flat tire. Count ’em:

  1. Mid June, 1st flat tire that started this whole adventure. We replaced two tires.
  2. August, after our Midwest road trip, we replaced the remaining original Toyo tires.
  3. Early September, 2nd flat tire of the year.
  4. Late September, 3rd flat tire of the year.

I took a 1/2 vacation day this morning, and I’m sitting at our local Toyota dealership while they patch the tire.

4th flat tire of 2010

4th flat tire of 2010

Update: Toyota patched the tire at no charge, as it is covered under the original road hazard warranty. I didn’t even have to pay for labor. What a relief.

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