Flat tire #3 for the year

Un-freakin’-believable. What is the likelihood that we could get three flat tires on the same car within three months? How about two flat tires in the same month? Isn’t this getting statistically improbable? And yet, here we are. Tire #1 in early June. Tire #2 in early September. It’s crazy.

This week, another flat tire on the Highlander. Thank goodness for AAA, because they have changed each tire in record time, and no additional fees. The 1st time in September was in the rain. The 2nd time this month I wasn’t getting home until late. Again, I had to use the Toyota Road Hazard warranty (good for two years), which meant all I was stuck paying for was $22 for tire balancing. Here’s a question for you. This Road Hazard warranty is good and all, but what kind of tire quality is there when the smallest road debris could cause a tire puncture?

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