Celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary dinner

7th Wedding anniversary dinner

7th Wedding anniversary dinner

Seven years went fast. This year we celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. We decided to make our somewhat annual dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Princeton, though we didn’t go last year for our anniversary. While we love the kids, there are a few restaurants that we like to keep exclusively to ourselves. Ruth’s Chris is one of them; the other is Mahzu, a nice sushi restaurant that we reserve for date nights. We timed the dinner with a monthly Kids Night Out program at the daycare center. We dropped off both kids, and went on our way to dinner in Princeton.

Dinner was good, and we had our fill of mojitos and Jack Daniels, “crabtinis” and soup, cowboy ribeye and filet mignon, and creme brulee. All very delicious.

Seven years went awfully fast. I believe our marriage has had various eras or phases:

  1. From 2003-2005, it was the newly-married honeymoon phase. We’re working and figuring out the whole marriage dynamic. Some nice times, some good fights. We were both younger, thinner, and more rested back then!
  2. From 2005-early 2010, marriage and life got a little tougher. We experienced shock and awe moment #1 when Joshua was born, and we had to figure out how to manage a child. We bought our first home. We experienced shock and awe moment #2 when Lly was born, and we had to figure out how to balance two children, housework, and our careers. We got new cars, did some work on the house. Money was tight, and we had fights, but we had a lot of laughs. We spent more time to better understand each other, and I think I matured a little bit.
  3. We’re in the next phase now. Both kids are little older, and (somewhat) easier to deal with. Lily is almost potty-trained (almost), and Josh has started kindgarten. Finances have lightened up with one less kid in daycare, and we’re making a better attempt to have date nights and spend less time focusing 110% of our attention on the kids.
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