Timer (2009)

Thursday night, after we got home from Thanksgiving lunch/dinner, we put the kids to bed, and watched a movie. We streamed Timer, a 2009 “sci-fi fantasy” film starring Emma Caulfield.

When implanted in a person’s wrist, a TiMER counts down to the day the wearer finds true love. But Oona O’Leary faces the rare dilemma of a blank TiMER. Her soul mate – whoever and wherever he is – has yet to have a TiMER implanted. Staring down the barrel of thirty and tired of waiting for her would-be life partner to get off the dime, Oona breaks her own rules and falls for Mikey, a charming and inappropriately young supermarket clerk with a countdown of four months.

This was a romantic comedy of sorts, with a dash of sci-fi in there. It didn’t ask a whole lot of probing questions, but it was decent entertainment and the characters were interesting.

Timer (2009)

Timer (2009)

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