Tangled (2010)

Friday, we braved awkwardness of taking the kids to the movies, and went to watch Disney’s new animated film Tangled. It’s an updated take on the Grimm’s fairy tale of Rapunzel. It’s animated obviously, and starring the voices of Mandy Moore (the pop singer) and Zachary Levi (the guy from Chuck.) The singing was nice and reminded me of a Broadway musical, and the animation was truly astounding. The story was entertaining, and you liked the Rapunzel character. Of course, it’s another princess character, so Disney will be making millions off of little girls who need a new Disney Princess to add to their collection.

The kids liked it a lot, but near the climax where it got scary, Lily got scared and started crying. We tried to calm her down, but I had to take her out as she started to really cry. I wasn’t expecting that, but she had not napped during the afternoon. I’m sure that contributed to the semi-meltdown.

Tangled (2010)

Tangled (2010)

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