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I haven’t decided what my next phone will be

I’m officially out of my 2-year mobile phone contract with AT&T. I’m currently month-to-month, and am in that limbo zone where I can switch to a new carrier at any time, or reupp for a new contract. It’s highly unlikely … Continue reading

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iSkysoft’s free DVD-to-iPhone converter until August 9 2010

Last month, the 5th Circuit court ruled that it is not illegal to rip DVDs as long as you aren’t sharing or selling copyrighted content. That’s great, because I believe if you own the content, you should have it available … Continue reading

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SF Gate: San Francisco’s unluckiest thief

Hilarious. There are unlucky thieves, and then there is Horatio Toure. According to San Francisco police, the 31-year-old city resident rode a bicycle up to a woman Monday afternoon in the South of Market neighborhood, snatched an iPhone out of … Continue reading

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Apple Genius Bar says iPhones’ 30% call drop is “normal” in New York

I don’t have an iPhone, but I know AT&T’s service can be pretty wonky. Gizmodo reported that one of their readers was getting around 22% of his calls dropped in the NYC area, and took it to Apple. The Geniuses said … Continue reading

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The new Apple iTunes 9 is out

The new Apple iTunes 9 is out today. I downloaded it and installed it tonight.  A couple of thoughts about iTunes 9, and why I’m supremely annoyed at the application in general. The file was just under 100 Mb.  Although … Continue reading

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Hulu iPhone app is coming

I just read that Hulu is developing an iPhone app that’ll stream over 3G and Wi-Fi.  What’s more, it’s supposed to be better than good.  Actually, the comment was the app was “badass”, but that remains to be seen.  Still, … Continue reading

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Apple’s Puritanical Review System Kills South Park iPhone App

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park (can you believe it’s been 12 years now?), created a great looking app for the iPhone, where you could watch free streaming clips, and download other stuff like wallpapers.  However, Apple … Continue reading

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