The new Apple iTunes 9 is out

The new Apple iTunes 9

The new Apple iTunes 9

The new Apple iTunes 9 is out today. I downloaded it and installed it tonight.  A couple of thoughts about iTunes 9, and why I’m supremely annoyed at the application in general.

  • The file was just under 100 Mb.  Although I can’t imagine who still uses dial-up vs. broadband.  However, Apple must think that dial-up users should drop dead, because there is no way that a user is going to reasonably dial-up using a modem, and download the newest iTunes application over 2-3 days. 
  • Most of iTunes is the same, but the store is pretty different. Not sure if I think it’s better, but it’s different, so let’s see if it grows on me.
  • I have no real use for the iPod Touch / iPhone 3.1 update, and no plans to pay for it.  I have generation 1, and it’s not an iPhone, so all the new features to purchase and install will do jack squat for me.
  • I’m annoyed at the iTunes application as a whole.  I thought that every time I added album artwork (the cover) to a file, I was added it to the actual MP3 or AAC file. After I rebuilt my PC with Windows 7, I downloaded iTunes 8, and started to configure it.  Imagine my surprise to find most of my music artwork (that I had painstakingly searched for online) was not embedded in the files, but kept in some separate iTunes library that is inaccessible to the regular desktop user. I’ve tried the “Get Album Artwork” option, and it retrieved some, but there’s a whole mess that are missing it, and iTunes can’t find it.  I gotta do this all over again.

This makes me want to Hulk out.

I'm "Hulking out" over here.

iTunes has me "Hulking out" over here.

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