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Good-bye to Reading Rainbow

I just learned that the last episode of Reading Rainbow aired on August 28th.  So sad.  That was a great show, and I watched it daily. You must remember it.  It showcased one book per episode, plus all sorts of … Continue reading

Posted in Entertainment, News | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment The Top 100 Science Fiction/Fantasy Shows Of All Time had a pretty neat list of their Top 100 Science Fiction / Fantasy Shows of All Time.  It’s a good list. Check it out.  A lot of good shows that I grew up on are on here.  Quantum Leap … Continue reading

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Another one of my high school classmates died

I guess we’re getting to that stage that people my age are dying. Back in 1995, a great kid that I went to high school with died.  I remember getting that weird call from a former fellow student.  David Oransky … Continue reading

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A week of sick children

What a week.  The kids have been sick all week long, and taking turns going from good to bad to worse.  We have made so many trips to drop them off late, pick them up early this week.  On Sunday, … Continue reading

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Updated July and August 2009 photos now published

For the paparazzi….. I just uploaded additional Balloon Festival photos that I swiped from my brother-in-law Robbie, without permission, with extreme prejudice. Also, I posted a multitude of August 2009 photos, so I’m all caught up.

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The Simpsons Movie (2007)

I have finally watched The Simpson Movie. It came out in 2007? That long ago? It was really no big deal. I recorded it off HBO, and watched it while folding laundry. True, it’s 87 minutes long, but I had … Continue reading

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Bollywood Hero (2009)

Has anyone caught Bollywood Hero, starring Chris Kattan on IFC? I saw an ad plastered on the side of a NYC bus a few weeks ago, and had thought it was some Indian movie.  Instead, I learned it is a … Continue reading

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BlackBerry Bold Visual Voicemail now available?

What’s this bit of news that I stumbled on? Visual Voicemail for the BlackBerry Bold is now up?  I want to go to there. Has anyone tried this?  Do I need to wait until Tuesday? Will it cost anything? I love … Continue reading

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Why is everyone so friendly at the supermarket deli?

Today, we had a nice family brunch at our favorite diner, and then went over to ShopRite for some weekend grocery shopping.  Geez, the place was wall-to-wall people.  I guess Sunday is a popular time for folks to go grocery … Continue reading

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I rebuilt my PC with Windows 7

I am the proud owner of a newly-alive, Dell PC, with a completely new engine and applications! I never found my missing Windows XP CD.  I debated briefly (briefly!) to buy a copy of Vista Home, but I fought off … Continue reading

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