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Where is my Windows XP Home CD, Lily?

I store all of my application, utilities, and game CDs (along with manuals) within a small shelf built into the right-side of my desk.  My daughter Lily enjoys walking over, grabbing and knocking over all of the carefully arranged CDs … Continue reading

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My first near-60 days with Verizon FiOS

It has been almost 2 months living with Verizon’s FiOS service.  Two months since I kicked Comcast to the curb, and used the power of the free market to let another company offer me a better product. If you remember, … Continue reading

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Vijay’s birthday at Macaroni Grill

A group of us had plans tonight to meet up at the Macaroni Grill close to the Menlo Park mall in Menlo Park, NJ (or is it Edison NJ?)  My wife also wanted to stop by the shops in Edison … Continue reading

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Hot town, summer in the city

Hot town, summer in the city. Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty. Been down, isn’t it a pity. Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city. All around, people looking half-dead. Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than … Continue reading

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What is up with AT&T’s wireless service?

I’ve noticed in the past 6-12 months (not exactly sure of timeline) that my AT&T wireless service has been getting very hinkey.  When I say “hinkey”, I mean you can have a full set of bars, but no response or very … Continue reading

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District 9

Whoa. Now that’s what I call good sci-fi. Over the weekend, my wife and I went to see District 9. I’m not sure why my wife agreed to see it, but I suppose she realized we’ve seen a number of rom-com … Continue reading

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I’m fed up and I’m not going to take this anymore

A few weeks ago, I realized that I was in a funk in a number of aspects of my life, but I had an epiphany, and I woke up. Actually, someone in the office took advantage of my good nature, … Continue reading

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Zombie Ants Controlled by Fungus

Weeeiird. In my AP Biology textbook from high school, I remember learning and reading about this fungus that attacked ants.  The ants would unwittingly ingest the fungal spores, and the spores would grow, bursting out of the ant, and using … Continue reading

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Chicago Tribune: How Netflix gets your movies to your mailbox so fast

This was an interesting article. The Chicago Tribune wrote a lengthy article about how Netflix works.  As a self-avowed geek, I love finding out how this stuff really works.  Come on, it’s cool.  Don’t you ever wonder?,0,6424990.story

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My review of Logitech Vid

Show of hands –> Who has a webcam? We received our webcam as a gift way back in August 2005 from my sister-in-law.  Unfortunately, we’ve never had much use for it.  Why? Not that many people have one.  You would … Continue reading

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