Where is my Windows XP Home CD, Lily?

I store all of my application, utilities, and game CDs (along with manuals) within a small shelf built into the right-side of my desk.  My daughter Lily enjoys walking over, grabbing and knocking over all of the carefully arranged CDs and manuals.  One of my key CDs is the Windows XP Home CD that came with my Dell back in 2005, and I would need if I ever wanted to rebuild my PC. I often find a trail of CDs and manuals strewn around the upstairs, often outside of their protective jewel cases.  I’m worried she’s going to lose or ruin the CDs.

Such as tonight.  Yes, that’s right.  I am finally ready to rebuild my PC.  For months, it’s been slowing down, hanging up, crashing.  I recommend to folks to rebuild their PC every 2-3 years, but this one has been running since 2005. I’ve been prepping and now I was ready to rebuild my machine after I got home from work Friday night.  Lo and behold, I can’t find my XP CD.  After a fruitless search, I’m annoyed at my 17-month old daughter.  When she gets a job, she owes me a new PC.

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