I’m fed up and I’m not going to take this anymore

A few weeks ago, I realized that I was in a funk in a number of aspects of my life, but I had an epiphany, and I woke up. Actually, someone in the office took advantage of my good nature, and I got metaphorically screwed.  It resulted in the aforementioned epiphany. It was time to get out of the funk, and change my life. Get back to being me — the real me. The real “kick-yer-ass-and-take-names” me.

One aspect relates to me and my fat ass.  We’re all getting fatter, and I feel ashamed. If you look back at photos of when us folks were younger, we were so thin back then.  I look at photos of people I know nowadays, and we’ve all become fat. I saw a photo of someone I know (who shall remain nameless) who was this thin teenager.  Now, the kid is in his late twenties, married, and looks bloated. Oh, I’m not excluding myself in all this finger-pointing.  I’m heavier than ever.  Sure, some of it is a function of us getting older, and our metabolisms slowing down.  We’re so busy with kids and work, that we don’t have time for a more active lifestyle.  Still, we should be ashamed of ourselves.  It’s enough.

I started back at the gym on Monday, which was the first time since April 6th.  The real me shouldn’t have this sedentary lifestyle.  The real me shouldn’t be this fat.  How is this going to be different?  I’m committed.  Seriously though, how is this going to be different?  Because I’m changing my diet too.  I’ve started eating smaller portions, and more fruit.  What’s the big deal about fruit?  I hate fruit, but I’m eating it. If I hate fruit this much, and I’m eating it willingly, that means I’m serious.

It’s all about motivation. Sometimes, looking yourself in the mirror and being fed up is enough motivation to change yourself.  At this point in my life, it feels good to feel driven again.  Somewhere along the way, I stagnated.  I was holding the line, and nothing more.  No more. I can see this at the office already. Now’s it’s time to get my body back too.  I’m turning things around, getting back on track, and changing my life.

You want to know how determined I am?  I want to tell my childhood hero Col. Steve Austin to move over, and watch someone really become better, stronger, faster.

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