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Josh and I went to see a movie but I learned something more important

Last Saturday, Josh and I went to the movies, but I got something more important out of it. Perspective. Although I had already seen it, Josh had also expressed interest in seeing Pacific Rim. Now, I generally don’t pay twice … Continue reading

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NY Times: Notes From a Dragon Mom

I wrote a science article back in high school about Tay-Sachs disease. As a parent now, this article gave me a whole different perspective. Emily Rapp is the author of “Poster Child: A Memoir,” and a professor of creative writing … Continue reading

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Is it that difficult to RSVP?

I don’t consider that the act of actually responding to an invitation is all that difficult. If you get an invitation, call or email them back! Have we ourselves missed RSVP dates? Of course, who hasn’t? Still, we do eventually … Continue reading

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A week of sick children

What a week.  The kids have been sick all week long, and taking turns going from good to bad to worse.  We have made so many trips to drop them off late, pick them up early this week.  On Sunday, … Continue reading

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Lily is crawling

So, it’s official.  Our daughter Lily is crawling.  It’s been slow for her the past month — a lot of backwards movement, unable to figure out how to change from sitting to crawling, but she’s been figuring it out.  She … Continue reading

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