A week of sick children

One sick little girl

One sick little girl

What a week.  The kids have been sick all week long, and taking turns going from good to bad to worse.  We have made so many trips to drop them off late, pick them up early this week. 

  1. On Sunday, Lily got sick first, and starting looking very clingy and not happy. 
  2. On Monday, one of us had to pick her from the daycare in the afternoon.
  3. On Tuesday, Lily went to the doctor, and then stayed with one of grandparents Tuesday.  Turns out she had an ear infection.  After I picked her up from the grandparents, and on the way to the daycare to pick up Joshua, I got a call that he was now sick.
  4. On Wed, I kept Josh with me, and Lily looked recovered, so we took her to daycare.  I took Josh to the doctor, but he appeared to just have a regular viral infection.  I took him around with me as we ran errands that morning, and then we took my parents to Newark airport for their trip. As I was just arriving to pick up Lily, I came to see her screaming and vomiting orange in her classroom.  Uh oh.
  5. On Thursday, they both looked okay, so they both went back to school.
  6. On Friday, they both had to go to school.  In the afternoon, we got the call that Lily had a 104-degree temperature.  I picked her as she was screaming her head off.

Concerned about this high temperature, and one bout of vomiting, and not thinking this was an ear infection, we took her to the doctor.  An hour later, all tests were inconclusive.

What a week. Sick children are no fun at all.

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