Time flies by so fast

I remember back in high school when I thought the days would pass so slowly.  Sure, the months would seem to pass slowly, but the days themselves felt like an eternity.  I’d be sitting in study hall, and the clock would take its inexorable march to reach the end of the day.

I compare that to college, when I would blink, and the semester would be half over.  First day of class.  Blink, mid-term exams. Blink, final exams. Blink, the summer was here. Blink, new school year. How the heck did that happen?

Life seemingly slowed down a bit once I was out in the workforce.  It was a busy time, but it seemed as if life was proceeding at its own normal pace.  There was none of this “Where did the weekend go?” nonsense.

After I got married, and the kids came, I’m not even going to bother stating the weekends passing by quickly.  The months and years were whizzing by at “Ludicrous speeed.” I will think back to some event, and I’ll realize that it was, oh, 2007.  I’ll then proceed to be shocked that, wait, that was two years ago. How can two years feel like last year? I wonder if the rest of my life is going to be like this? I’ll start talking to other people about how “Before you know it, the kids will be all grown up.” And I’ll become that grumpy older guy at the office who’s always complaining, and disliking all the new kids.

Conceivable? The way time is whizzing by, probably so. I’m not complaining or freaking out here.  I’m just stating the obvious, and how shocked I am every day.

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