Indian actress Lisa Ray has Multiple Myeloma

Indian actress Lisa Ray

Indian actress Lisa Ray

Now this is a strange blast from the past. Try to follow the chronology:

1. Sunday night, I’m browsing through Hulu for the Sept 26th episode of SNL, which I forgot to record before we went away this weekend. While I’m browsing, I notice an image from a recent episode of that show Psych on the USA Network, which I don’t watch.  Appeared to be a Bollywood / Indian-themed episode. Unable to resist, I check out the episode.  It is an Indian-themed episode titled Bollywood Homicide, aired recently on Sept 18th 2009.

2. After I watch the episode (major skimming), I was curious about the supporting Indian actors and actresses, I check out the IMDB entry for the episode, and ne names sounds familiar — Lisa Ray.  I click the link, and lo and behold, she was the main actress in a nice little movie called Bollywood Hollywood. We went to see this movie back in Nov 2002 at the movie theater within the NYC Virgin Megastore. This was the same actress, whose performance was interesting to watch back in 2002, but I’ve seen neither hide nor hair of her since 2002, and thus forgot about her.

3. So what has she been doing since 2002?  Besides acting in Canadian productions, she was recently diagnosed with an incurable disease called Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the blood. When she’s not acting, she’s undergoing chemo.

Sad, I tell you.  Seven years ago, she was a new actress on the scene.  Seven years later, diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer, and just 37.  What the hell, man? Life can really throw you a curveball.

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