I loves me some Asian representation, but I wish Always Be My Maybe didn’t feel so…. bland

Let’s get the bad / “It could have been better” out of the way – this felt a little bland. It’s a romantic comedy featuring two talented Asian-American actors, Ali Wong and Randall Park. The film is about their characters Sasha Tran and Marcus Kim being lifelong friends since being kids. They lose their virginity together one night and it alters the relationship. They split up and don’t see each other for another 15 years.

By the time we they meet again in San Francisco after those 15 years have passed, Sasha is a famous chef and sucessful restauranteur, and engaged to be married. Marcus has apparently stayed home to take care his father and work together in the family HVAC business. Also, he’s the lead singer in a local band. They meet and sparks (and rom-com hijinks ensue.)

I liked the Asian representation – Asian actors and actresses as the main characters in a romantic comedy is unique. And these are both funny comedians. Also, you have Nahnatchka Khan as director. However, I couldn’t get over the the overall blandness of the story and the characters. They hit all of the typical rom-com beats, but there wasn’t enough flavor or energy or something from the characters or the story. It was… bland.

I wanted this to be better and I like the folks involved in this production. I hope to see them do more with better material in the future.

Always Be My Maybe (2019)

Always Be My Maybe (2019)

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