My phone, my phone

Argh, something is wrong with my BlackBerry Curve.  Last week, the camera component stopped working, and I’ve tried multiple solutions posted online, but have had no success.  Starting this past Sunday, the phone has lost connection to the AT&T network, and I can’t get it back.  Extremely intermittent connectivity.  Yesterday, I would get some success by removing and replacing the battery.  It’s been off most of today, as nothing is working at the moment to get it going again.

I’m taking it to the local AT&T store at lunch tomorrow, but if they can’t fix it….. I dunno, man.  I wasn’t planning to buy a new phone already. I’m up for an upgrade, according to the contract.  Should I just get the BlackBerry Bold tomorrow?

Should I get the Blackberry Bold if all else fails?

Should I get the Blackberry Bold if all else fails?

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  1. Anil says:

    My company is switching us to AT&T and I am getting a Blackberry Bold in the next few weeks. It is a great phone, the only issue is that it has a 2 meg camera and a little on the wide side. I know, I shouldn’t complain on anything being wide. It has 3g, EDGE and WIFI. The resolution is amazing. Get it.

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