Installed a new Legrand power receptacle with USB ports

In our kitchen, we are often charging our phones and tablets. Sadly, we’re often also buying new chargers, because Cat #1 Scamper likes to chew them into oblivion. Maybe he’s annoying. Maybe they’re delicious. I don’t know, but I’m always buying new wires. If I’m going to be buying new wires, I could save money on not buying the adapters. In my mind, the first seed of an idea sprouted. After much searching, I found this power outlet from Legrand at Lowe’s, which was exactly what I wanted. Two outlets for regular usage, and two USB ports for any of our USB 2.0 / 3.0 devices. Furthermore, it would allow 3.1 Amps, so we could charge tablets at a nice brisk pace. I don’t know if you, my dear reader, is aware, but tablets need adapters with more amperage. If you try to use a dinky power adapter made for a regular smartphone, you’ll be drawing power at a crawl.

I’m on vacation this week, and the wife and kids went off to work and school, respectively. I cut the power to the specific kitchen outlets, watched a few more Youtube DIY videos to reassure myself of my skills, and proceeded to remove the old outlet cover and outlet. The work itself was uncomplicated, but getting the ground wire connected to the new outlet took some major doing. In the end, I successfully installed the new power receptacle, installed a brand new cover, and flipped the power back on at the circuit panel. Success!

Who’s the man? I’m the man.

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