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Lily is 4, and am I doing enough for her?

Today is Lily’s 4th birthday. Of course we all had so many things going on today — busy days at the office, Lily had a soccer game @ 5pm, Josh attended his first practice with me, I was helping to … Continue reading

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My first soccer practice

I had my first soccer practice tonight. It’s also Lily’s birthday today, so it was a fairly busy day. I have to be in the office fairly early (for me), and bring my change of clothes, so that I can … Continue reading

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I’m coaching youth soccer

So……… Remember how I said that while I don’t know much about soccer, I kinda enjoyed helping out as a temporary coach? And that I would volunteer as an assistant coach to learn the ropes? Possibly be a head coach … Continue reading

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Getting back on the horse after 6.5 months

The weather was so nice this week, I felt serious irony and guilt each day. Irony and guilt that the weather is so nice, and I can only enjoy during the 10 mins I’m outside to pick up my lunch … Continue reading

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Josh’s 2nd attempt at a 7th birthday party

We had Josh’s redo of a birthday party, our 1st of two parties today. This was the rescheduled party from last Saturday for his classmates and peers, same venue as last time. This time around, everything went smoothly, and I … Continue reading

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Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (2012)

As I mentioned in my earlier post, in lieu of Joshua’s previously-planned-but-now-postponed birthday party, we tried to make it up to him with dinner and a movie. We had dinner with Josh & Lily’s best friends (and their dad), and … Continue reading

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Joshua’s 7th birthday party – Part 1

Well, this is a first for us. Joshua’s birthday party has been postponed. This morning we were up early to get ready for the party in the afternoon. It is/was a Transformed-themed birthday party – Generation 1, none of that … Continue reading

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Joshua’s final winter 2012 game

Saturday was Josh’s last soccer game for the winter. We’ve got a short break before the Spring season begins in late March / early April. So what did I think of this most recent season? Well. I thought it was … Continue reading

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The Ipes go back to the circus

The circus all-access pre-show On Saturday, March 3rd, the Ipes went to the circus. No, not the circus that is our life — we could have stayed home for that. I mean the Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus. The … Continue reading

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