Josh’s 2nd attempt at a 7th birthday party

We had Josh’s redo of a birthday party, our 1st of two parties today. This was the rescheduled party from last Saturday for his classmates and peers, same venue as last time. This time around, everything went smoothly, and I am under the assumption that everything went well. The kids played on the huge jungle gym, then played laser tag and climbed a tall rock wall. We had pizza and cake for everyone, standard fair for kids’ parties.

After everyone left and we settled up the bill, we went home to host our second party, a smaller gathering celebrating both Josh & Lily’s birthdays with our respective families. This included both sets of grandparents, our respective sisters and their families. We didn’t have a lot of time to cook this time around, so we ordered dinner from one of the many local Indian restaurants in town.

I don’t have any great stories to share from either party. Both went well, no hiccups. One more party left, this one for Lily. This one, after getting burned from last year’s RSVP debacle, will be a smaller (and simpler) affair consisting of pizza and cupcakes for lunch in her classroom. Thank goodness for simplicity.


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