Getting back on the horse after 6.5 months

The weather was so nice this week, I felt serious irony and guilt each day. Irony and guilt that the weather is so nice, and I can only enjoy during the 10 mins I’m outside to pick up my lunch from Subway. Pathetic.

I decided earlier this week that it would be nice to take Friday off and go riding, taking advantage of the excellent weather.


Friday, I ran a few errands, and got the bike ready. The bike itself was in decent shape, albeit nearing air in the tires and a new battery for the cyclocomputer. I picked that up during my errand shopping (and lunch), got dressed in all my gear, and took off with no real plan or destination.


No plan or destination? Yes, that’s right, none. This week, I realized that, instead of excitement, I’ve felt some anxiety over the upcoming ride. You could call it the fear of falling. It seems last September’s accident left more than physical damage. I knew I had to get back on, but it wasn’t filling me with joy.

Still, I had to. I was contemplating riding the MS Bike Ride again. I still have trouble sitting on regular chairs. Could I ride long distances on a bike saddle? I had to get back on the horse. I started riding, and it wasn’t bad. I had to adjust a bit, but I could sit after all. I took a meandering path up through to Princeton and back, approx 33 miles. I found a few back roads and minor bike paths, and stayed away from major roads without adequate shoulders. I did consider riding down one major road without a shoulder, but got too nervous and turned back.


I even stopped and took a picture of myself at our favorite date night restaurant Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. I was so happy when I got back, I convinced my wife to have dinner with me tonight at Ruth’s Chris. Well, the food is so good there, neither of us needs much convincing.

So, success. I guess I can ride again. I can do the MS Bike ride again too next month.


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