I’m coaching youth soccer

So……… Remember how I said that while I don’t know much about soccer, I kinda enjoyed helping out as a temporary coach? And that I would volunteer as an assistant coach to learn the ropes? Possibly be a head coach in the Fall?

Yeah, about that. You kinda knew it wouldn’t work out like that. That they wouldn’t have enough coaches. Well, it turns out they don’t have enough coaches for the weekend games. I asked the coordinator that I wouldn’t mind being a coach, except I don’t know a lot apart from what I’ve learned being on the sidelines since Josh started playing in Fall 2010. She said it was okay, and they will have training sessions with the coaches.

So….. Here we are. I’m coaching Josh’s team this season, and our first games are coming up this Saturday and Sunday. I submitted all of the background check paperwork, and I’ve been reading up on youth soccer coaching websites.

I hope I don’t screw up.

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