My first soccer practice

I had my first soccer practice tonight. It’s also Lily’s birthday today, so it was a fairly busy day. I have to be in the office fairly early (for me), and bring my change of clothes, so that I can change in the restroom, then catch a 4:31pm train, and still make it to the field by 6pm.

The EWPAL paired me up for this Wednesday’s practice with another experienced coach, which was a wonderful idea. Although I had begun reading online about all of these drills, it was helpful to have one experienced coach with me. I let him drive the joint practice for both of our respective teams, and I assisted him with lining up the boys, helping to set up portable goals, and trying to absorb his knowledge.

In the end, we agreed that while this was useful, we had too many kids to together to do more joint practices. I will need to reserve/schedule some practice time and a field through the league.

I’m on my own.

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