The Ipes go back to the circus

The circus all-access pre-show

On Saturday, March 3rd, the Ipes went to the circus. No, not the circus that is our life — we could have stayed home for that. I mean the Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus. The circus was in town with their newest show at the Prudential Center, Dragons. Incredibly, it’s been three years since we last saw the circus at Prudential Center, and Lily had never seen it before, so this was an opportune time.

We had our usually busy Saturday taking the kids to their respective dance practices and soccer games, then brought them to get them showered and cleaned up. We hit the road to Newark in order to catch the all-access flood pre-show, then get our seats for the big show.

I gotta tell you, in all honesty, these circus show themes are all very corny from an adult perspective, but the kids like ’em, and that’s all that really matters.




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