The First

    Cell phone:

I remember buying my first cell phone in 1997…. or was it 1998? It was this old school Ericsson analog phone from what was then known as AT&T Wireless. Back then, there was no texting, Internet, no color LCD display. Wow, how times have changed.

    Car I ever drove:

My parents owned this big red 1983 Oldsmobile Cutlas Supreme. It was a monster of a car, and I ended beginning to learn how to drive on it.

    Car i ever owned:

I eventually bought my first car, a brand-new 1999 Honda Accord after graduating from Pace University and landing my first “real” job. I put down a decent downpayment, and my parents loaned me the rest.

    Computer I ever used:

Way back in 3rd grade (1984/1985), my parents footed the bill for some after-school extracurricular classes, and I took a computer course. We used these PET computers. Black and green screens, and instead of a 5 1/4″ diskette drives, it used a tape cassette drive to store removable information. I don’t remember doing much, except playing that Turtle game.

    Computer we ever had:

In 1989, my family and I went and bought our first home PC from this local now-defunct small business called The Computer Factory. It was a 80386SX-based machine (look it up if you care), 2 Mb RAM, and 40 Mb hard drive. We also bought a 14″ VGA monitor and an Epson dot-matrix printer? Total cost? $3,0000. Can you believe that? It was a different time though.

    Job I ever had:

I found a part-time summer job in the paper to work at Lentz & Lentz, a small business SAT prep company. I did mailings. It wasn’t exactly a glorious job, but it was high school.

    Movie I saw in a theater:

Being seriously deprived of fun social events, I never went to movies. I lived off magazines, tv movies, and word-of-mouth. I remember I had to argue with my parents about finally seeing Batman Returns in 1992. I should have argued more strenuously and not waited until I was 15.

    Game console I ever owned:

The original 8-bit Nintendo. My parents bought it for my sister and I for Christmas. After we exhausted ourselves playing the two included games (Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt), our folks weren’t too keen to continue buying us new games. I ended up borrowing from friends such classics such as Contra, The Legend of Zelda, Excite Bike, Spy Hunter, Castlevania, etc.

    iPod I ever owned:

The 4th generation only-option-is-white, no-color-screen iPod. It had a 20 Gb capacity HDD, which was basically enough back then for me and my burgeoning music collection. I loved it on trips.

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